Dartmouth Lax Girls Are Hardcore

IMG_1433It never got much above 15F (-9C) in Hanover, New Hampshire today, and it was significantly colder with the windchill taken into account. End of January, depth of winter. All the same, the Dartmouth College Girls Lacrosse team — led by freshly appointed Captain, #17, Frances Bird — were out on the Chase Astroturf Field shortly before sunset, practicing for the upcoming season like it was a regular day in the park. That’s some serious commitment to your sport. Inspiring and well played, ladies.

Norwich Volunteer Fire Department Training

IMG_0488Working on a story for the “A Day in the Life” column that I’ve had in The Norwich Times for the past four-five years. I got a chance to hang with Norwich’s volunteer fire squad at a training session last night, and it was both inspiring and impressive to watch these guys (and women) in action.

Also got a chance to really challenge the 35mm Sigma 1.4 that continues to impress me. The light in the station house was very random, and flash was out of the question given how much reflective material is on the outfits these guys wear. So for a shot like this one to happen at all, I ended up at iso 4000 and 1/50 at f3.2, but it still came out fairly solid and sharp, and the colors are spot on, no post balancing needed. Love it…