Little Party Poopers

610x2One AFP headline we could have done without:

Sydney gets New Year started,
but Gaza spoils party

Covering the new years’ celebrations around the world, it seems vaguely tortured to claim that those insolent Palestinian civilians are getting in the way of the rest of us having a good time, what with their bleeding and being blown up and all.

I guess those 39 or more kids that have been killed by the IDF in the last couple of days really should have known better than to dampen our excitement. Brats.

Our Gift to Our Friends in Israel

its-da-bombWhat every nationĀ  needs when it decides to once again beat the shit out of a minority within its borders:

a small-diameter bomb for low-cost, high-precision and low collateral damage strikes.

Presenting the GBU-39, sold to Israel by the United States with the approval of our faithful Congress. Used this week to blow up select parts of the Gaza strip in Operation “Just In Case There Wasn’t Enough Reason to Hate Israel Already.” We really are such a generous nation and a wonderfully unconditional friend of Israel: apache helicopters, F-18s, all the bombs and ammo they can eat. No, really, don’t mention it. Oh, and Mr. President-Elect, since you’ve already finished fellating the AIPAC crowd, why don’t you just ignore it all, and play some golf instead? That approach worked wonders for Dubya, don’t you know…

They Send Me Letters…

homophobiaThe no doubt well-intentioned folks over at MoveOn write to me:

We’re organizing Inaugural Bashes on the night of January 20th. The Norwich Inaugural Bash can be whatever you make it, but first you have to sign up to host. Can you host an Inaugural Bash so the folks in Norwich have a place to celebrate?

And, damn, I sure would love to do that — except, I’ve looked and looked, and I just can’t seem to find a local homophobic evangelical to bless my event. And I’d have to have one, wouldn’t I — after all, what’s Change We Can Believe In without some good ol’ honest-to-God gay bashing to usher in the new era?

So, sorry, MoveOn, I’m just going to pass on this one.