Somethin Burnin?

While the boys in OPEC are giving Dick Cheney a priapism with talk of oil prices reaching $200/barrel soon, I’m bailing on their little pyramid scheme and going wood. Pellets or regular wood, haven’t decided yet. Wood is cheaper and easier to source, pellets are neat and clean but have to be processed and the price is determined by a non-transparent market.

Here are a couple of great resources I’ve come across in my travels, deserving of a link:

Wood Pellet Price Tracker

Wood Pellet Info (with a very neat heating cost comparison tool)

And my future supplier of an insert:  Home Comfort Warehouse in Sharon, VT — great service.

Like, Duh!

conductor_and_boy.jpgYes. It is safe to let a 9-year old ride the subway. It’s smart to let him do so if you think he can manage it. The hysterical fear that permeates american culture and determines so many social interactions and manners (parents driving their kids up the block for a playdate, GPS tracking devices on kids, etc.) is pathetic.

Good grief, look at the poll at the Today show: 51 percent say they would not let their kid go, because “[…] Even if I trust my child, who knows how many crazies there are out there?” You’re the crazy out there, moron. Sure it’ll be scary the first time, and yes, there are risks out there for your kid to face. But what are you going to do — keep your child in a padded cell forever?