Creepy as Hell

zoe_asleep_watermarked_copy.jpgWhat the hell is wrong with these people?!? How bizarrely warped is it to try to recreate (or “reborn” as the “artists” call it) a baby and then put the thing up for sale on ebay? I mean, cabbage patch kids was one thing with their birth certificates etc. but these profound whack-jobs take the entire thing waay too far for comfort.

Find a partner, make a kid the ol’ fashioned way (that’s lots of fun, too), adopt, become a foster parent, or dote over your nieces and nephews.

Do-Gooders Doing Better

philanthropy.jpgNothing Short of Spectacular. I’ve spent almost 15 years working for or with non-profits in the US and abroad; I’ve written for them, I’ve photographed for them, I’ve designed their brochures and websites, their research, their sales pitches, their org charts and their assessment missions. They’re like the ugly stepchildren of “real” business, the kids that turn out to have the heart of gold in spite of the cleft lip and the lack of pedigree. And this — Van Jones’ key note at the Craiglist Foundation’s Boot Camp in 2006 — is the best analysis of the odd non-profit world I’ve read in a very, very long time.

Incredibly inspirational, and spot on.

Shorter Mitt Romney

mlk_romney2.jpg“Who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes?” It’s all about truthiness, isn’t it? Inspired by this, and harping on this. Is it too much to ask the Republicans to run a candidate that isn’t a lying hypocrite for a change? Oh, I see… sorry.

(For those of you who prefer “facts” over fiction, here’s the original).

Okay, okay, one more, and then I’m done…

parks_romney.jpg This one is so much more fun. The original (and the story) is here, and the story of course a classic.

This is much more like the real deal: after all, that’s where we’d expect to find a privileged white man like Romney: sneering at some uppity negro who dares to claim a set on the bus.