Tragic? Tragic?

tragic.jpg “Tragic Plane Crash” — Okay, just give me one example, highly paid ace ABC News “journalists”, of a plane crash that’s not tragic? I mean, really, c’mon, now.

After following Glenn Greenwald’s revelation of the sad but true saga of Joe Klein’s epic whopper and Time’s relentless lying-for-a-living and marvelling at the Washington Post’s recent endeavors at sophomoric slander-in-disguise of Barack Obama (“even though he’s not, there are people that claim he’s a muslim… we just thought we’d do our part as a serious objective newspaper to reinforce and spread that baseless and demonstrably false rumor”) it’s just not surprising to find more of this crappy, sloppy, lamentable hack journalism.

Thankfully, nobody needs to rely on the mainstream media for their news any longer, but woe unto those who do. Clueless much?

Merry Merry

xmas07_screenFinally managed to make some use of a) my free downloads from, and b) some of the better pieces of quality mail that has ended up in my inbox and/or spam filter over the past years. Enjoy — and, if you must, then click here to, well, enlarge it (hi-res pdf for prin/sharing).